Make A Mess


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Our first album. A mixture of classic rock, hard rock, heavy & speed metal, psychedelic rock - with a punkish attitude. A shout for rebirth of the Latvian Heavy Metal & Hard Rock scene. Holds 9 songs, two of them are in Latvian language, seven songs in english.


released December 30, 2010

Produced by Rebel Riot;
Engineered, mixed, mastered by Karlis Steinmanis (KS Records)
Artwork by Uldis Rubezis
2009-2010, Riga, Latvia



all rights reserved


REBEL RIOT Riga, Latvia

REBEL RIOT is a heavy rock’n’roll band from Latvia. Formed in 2007. Released 3 studio albums.

Their music is influenced mostly by classic hard rock and heavy metal of the 70’s and 80’s with some doomy and psychedelic sounds.

Many shows have been played in Latvia and the Baltics. Also in Finland and Belarus. In 2012 opened for German veterans ACCEPT in hometown Riga.
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Track Name: Can't Fight Rock N Roll
Hey you, standing in the crowd
Just look into my eyes
Feel my Power!
Emotions getting higher
Music's getting louder
We're ready to explode, oww!

Hey, hey! We're coming lightning fast
Hey, hey! We're gonna kick your ass
Hey, hey! We ain't stoppin' now
'Cause this is rock n roll!

Burning down the stage
Cranking up the amps
Feels like im going crazy!
Listen what i'm singing
Fighting for Rock
Giving all we've got
Just to reach the top

It's how i feel
My life rolling on
No one can stop me
Doing what I please
It's hard to see
Many struggle with their lives
You're free to join us
'Cause that's what keeps us alive
Track Name: Going Down
Take a good look in the sky
When you're feelin' high
You will feel the peace
Just when the smoke is released

It feels I've been here for all my life
Nothing seems new except the colors of you
The feeling inside is the bright side
One more time, take a look around.

C'mon get in!
We're going down
Down, down, down, down, oh yeah!
Straight right down to the fucking hell

Hey man, you lost your self
I can tell it by the look in your eyes
Let's go hunting flies
Let's have some apple pie

It's been three days with no booze around
But it feels like three fuckin' years
I wanna get layed, yeah..
I wanna pass out on the floor.
Track Name: Killmachine
Your thirst is way up high
The loose devil in you is shakin'
And when your bottle is all dry
The mind has lost its way of thinkin'

You got pulled in the Killmachine
Your life ir run by the Killmachine!

Blood gets sucked into the fuel pumps
Deadly destination,
You're heading for it led by your goose bumps

You got pulled in the Killmachine
Your life ir run by the Killmachine!

Jump on wheels you think you feel free
Feel the presure of speed in your brain cells
Got the power, control the machine
But ya going down when the brakes fail.

You got pulled in the Killmachine
Your life ir run by the Killmachine!
Track Name: Hard Knock
Hey, hey.. I think I'm free
Hell yeah, I'm just a slave of this life
The Devil's watchin' my ass all night
But that is what I don't realize

I find my self in this cage
All it matters how to knock it through

I feel the Hard knock in my head
We had no choice but to live this life
I feel the Hard knock in my heart
If only i could just be my self

Hey, hey.. wake up, you!
I hear the voice shouting in my head
Why should I follow the silly rules
They make no sence living my own way

Don't care about no fortune
All it matters: Will I die free?
Track Name: Nestāvi Man Ceļā (Don't Stand In My Way)
Iegrimis sevi dzili, domas savas aizpeldi
kas tevi priekša gaida, kalni, meži, juras talas?
neizprastas idilles, kas atspîd tavos sapnos
tas tomer pazud pelekaja dienas gaisma

ŠKiet, tevi velk kads atpakal,
aptumšo tev pratu
Šis celš tevi vedis pekšnas krustceles,
attopies un turi acis vala.

Nestavi man cela,
Tavs domu lidojums ir maldigs
Nestavi man cela,
Mans gajums nebus veltigs

Tu skrien pa savu iedomatu taku,
Bezgaligi cilpas met un nebeidzami rinko
Ta gaisma lenam dziest, kas spid tai tunel' gala
Vel viss ir priekša un nekas nebut nav zaudets.
Track Name: Hit The Road
You wake up in the morning
The upshot's all the same
Don't wanna waste your time
Around the same old place
So pack your fuckin' suitcase
Gear up the shabby wheels
Hit the road

Looking for some action
Seek to find it on the road
We grab a pair o' guitars
To jam our way along
We're driving down the highway
There's no way turnin' back
Hit the road

We pull our dusty car
Over by a roadhouse bar
It's time to take a rest
Have a liftime of our best
Get your ass on stage
Tell the rodies hit the road
Hit the road

We soak our guts with beer
We plug in our gear
Start rockin' the place down
With bolts of blazing sound
Show you no mercey
So enjoy the suffering
The place is gonna blow
So you better hit the road
Track Name: Big Deal
You got a qestions to ask?
Well then take off your mask
Start walking at 11
Get ready for 27

The dream is real, yeah
But the price is high
Carefull with the deal, yeah
'Cause the devil might make a lie!

You heard the myth
Then you took one hit
So you could realize
What means to fantasize

Go there 9 times a row
Don't be scared its time to grow
There's a black man walking to you
There's a deal waiting for you

You've been fooled big time dude
Things you do have good mood
Now you're completely high
And you dont wanna get down
You dont wanna get down
Track Name: Something I Am
Sometimes I get confused
By the life.. the life that surrounds us
You try to live the way you want
Though become by the world abused

You think your path is all written
Before you start your way up the stairs
But you become what you are
By the world, not your prayers

You get the feeling by closing your eyes
'is it really me using my mind?'
Maybe it's someone that feeds you lies
Reading your mind and leaving no sign

Try live the right way you think
And see what's coming
Your right way may not be the one
The path your soul is looking for

You just live your life through your dreams
and walk the path
No one can tell you or lead your way, no
Y'll just have to trust your soul

You just live your life through your dreams
and walk the path
If there's something you truely are
the world can kiss your ass.
Track Name: Uguns (Fire)
Deg uguns pār mūsu zemi
Tai mēdz būt postošs spēks,
Kam ceļā stāties nespēj neviens
Taču neļausim tai apēst
Mūsu dārgās dvēseles
Uguns mūs sildīs
No tās mēs spēku smelsimies

Jūti liesmu sirdī kā
Tā Tevi aizdedz dzīvu
Spēks aug no zemes caur
Zābakiem līdz matu galiem

Jūtu kā karstums
Ieplūst manās asinās
Katru dienu
Uguns līdzās būs ar mums
Tā sildīs mūs, tā baros mūs
Neļaus spēkam sirdī apdzist
Taču kārtējais dienas smēķis
Liegi krīt liesmas varā

Deg liesmas atkal
Pār mūsu zemi
Tām mēdz būt postošs spēks,
Kam ceļā stāties nespēj neviens
Ir ļauts par daudz, no mums tiek ņemts
Ar mūsu pašu liesmu jokots
Lai maksā tie,
Kam necils mūsu spēkavots.